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IT Resume Format 2017 with Examples and Tips

Writing a perfect IT resume format 2017 demands a very strong attention to detail and well-written facts and information about the applicant. Anything from technical abilities, knowledge on a special area, software expertise, and any other information that could be important depending on the job is totally necessary to be written.

The best resume format 2017 is just like any other resume with only a few things that will change, making it not only more appealable to your employer but can also make it easier and much more entertaining to read, making you the perfect choice for any employer, or at least, a good one. That’s why we’ve made a list with many steps and recommendations plus many samples with IT professional resume format for experienced and not experienced IT graduates so you can have an easier approach to making a good IT job resume format.

IT Resume Format 2017: What You Need to Know

There a few things and recommendations you can take to write a resume format for IT that will make it look better and actually be more concise and direct, without going to deep into any matter and showing your abilities in a simple but comprehensive way.

  • The use of technical words

When you’re writing an IT resume for experienced professionals, you will have to use many words that will show that you actually know what you’re doing. Always avoiding slangs and words that are too simple, but using other words that are more technical but at the same time easy to understand.

These words can be Administered, Develop, Operate, Monitor, Consolidate, Install, Report, Perform, Create, Investigate, Implement, Analyzed, Maintain, Support, Determine and so on.

These words will show that you actually know what you’re saying, without making it too simple with words like ‘use’ or ‘did’ and at the same time being totally understandable, without using words that may sound totally off.

  • Write an eye-catching career objective

Many people state that writing the best IT resume format will need a career or job objective. This section on a resume is all about the future expectations the applicant has over the career and how this job can help him achieve it or just be an important part of it. The most important thing in this section is to make it clear, without going to deep and not writing more than just 5 or 6 lines, being totally concise, direct but understandable and appealing so your resume doesn’t look difficult to read.

writing a resume for it advice

However, we think that this part is not entirely necessary, but you can use it if for example you don’t have much experience and want to fit something else in your resume format for IT. (In this part you can also add your abilities and how you can use them and improve them over time)

  • Technical and personal skills

A good IT Professional resume format for experienced specialists will have many technical skills to show that the specialist has managed to learn and develop through time; however, you can also add any personal skills like communication and working under pressure abilities.

But it is very important to actually know what should be added to the resume format for IT as this can change the way your employer sees you. Most IT resumes are filtered through a software call ATS that filters all resumes on a job posting according to certain keywords and formats, that’s why it is also important to know what can you state in your resume as an IT professional.

Add any relevant keywords, as the one we showed in the first recommendation. This will help you beat that ATS software in case there’s any. But to do this you will have to read the job posting and filter out what you think are the most important skills for the job, especially those that are highlighted or even bolded. You can do the same with personal skills too, if the employer asks for anything special like punctuality as long as you actually comply with those requirements, but don’t ever lie on a resume.

But the most important thing to know will always be the way you write them. Always be really simple and direct, don’t talk too much about a skill, just make it look good and don’t be too specific as it can be tedious to read.

  • Previous job experiences

The most important key to take into account while writing the best IT resume format is to describe every accomplishment and skills that you’ve learned before any task you had to do while working on that previous job. If you can also add numbers to every accomplishment, it will make it look better and more appealable, especially if you make them easier to spot, like bolding or highlighted them.

Any employer will actually take first attention to all your job experiences as the most important section. If you’ve achieved something great, it is more likely that you will be selected, the same if you comply with any skill that the employer is looking for. If you have no experience don’t forget to combine IT resume tips with resume format for college students.

  • Education profile

In this section of the resume format for IT, you will have to state all your academic achievements, stating the highest first as the most important. Always state them in a way you can show the year of graduation and the level of expertise, with honors and any other important information you think you can add, without being too specific and making it simple to read.

IT Resume Format 2017: IT Resume Sample

Name of the Applicant


Phone Number


Career Objective

Here you can state what you’re experienced on at the same time indicating what you would like to accomplished, how and why, stating the importance of the job for your plans. Always making it easier to the employer to read without going to deep into details and being totally appealable, you can state some skills too, if you want.

Technical and Personal Skills

  • Security: McAfee, CMS/ETP, SecureWorks, NetScreen, Firewalls, SSL Certificates and so on.
  • Reverse Engineering: Ollydbg, WinBdg, GBD, IDA Pro, Malware and so on.

State what you’re good at. It is important to take into account the previous recommendations about keywords and special skills needed for the job

If you also work on any special software or operative system you can also add it. You can also state the level of expertise on every skill you write.

Professional Experience

Name of the Institution or Company

Place or LocationName of the Job Position: Date of beginning – Date of Finishing

  • Then you will write a bulleted list like this one stating what you learned and what you can offer to the new job
  • You can add what you used to do but always in a very simple and concise way without going into specifics, making it 2 lines maximum

(You can add many jobs if you want, but if you will, be sure that they are relevant to the job you’re applying for)


Name of the Institution, College or School
Place or Location

Specific name of the degree you’ve achieved – Date of Graduation

You can write a brief description of what you achieved as a student, your GPA or any other academic achievements plus your honors that are very important.

resume format for it 2017

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At the end, what will most likely make you win that job if the amount of experience and the format you use for your resume. You will have to manage and balance between both, making it an appealable IT job resume format that will win you the job. However, the most important detail is always knowing what you’re better at and what your best skills are, always trying to be as more concise as possible and making it easier to read.

If you want to write the best IT resume format to win a job, you can easily follow our recommendations. Follow our advice on writing an IT resume format 2017 and you will for sure become the next candidate for the job you’ve always struggled to get!