Best Resume Format 2014. Which One to Choose?

What is the best resume format 2015? There are certain types of resumes, but not each of them is applicable for you. In this case, you must be able to use only one of them based on your skills, work experience and areas you want to emphasize, among other factors. Check out the following to help you decide which format may be right for you.

Functional Resume Format 2015

The functional resume format 2015 is used by professionals who have the experience in the industry, but who have been shifting or changing careers, as they are improving their competencies, including acquiring additional certifications.

  • Personal and contact information on the topmost of the page–the headline
  • Includes a career objective
  • Professional profile- Flexible (Why?); Motivated and personable (How?)
  • Has skills summary
  • Includes professional experience (Highlights skills possessed and used)
  • Includes education history
  • Special skills, e.g. computer typing skills


  • May not be for you if  you have a strong solid work background
  • May not work for employers who are giving more emphasis to work experience than skills

Standard Resume Format 2015

The standard resume format 2015 is used for entry-level and professional applicants, as this type contains the most essential sections to include, although you can also select adding or removing any of the sections it has.


  • First section is personal information
  • Optional for career objective
  • Work Experience from most recent to the oldest
  • Educational background starting also with the latest
  • Trainings and projects, completed and ongoing
  • Character references included


  • May not be for you if you were looking to emphasize more on your skills than job experiences

Professional Resume Format 2015

The professional resume format 2015 works just like the two previously mentioned types only that it is very simple and clean in layout. It helps you improve your job application chances, as it is very straight to the point and brief with only one or two pages overall.


  • Name is the biggest item
  • Brief and to the point
  • Specific listing of certification and degree earned
  • Reverse order of date in the experience section
  • Action words are used
  • Focused on recent activities
  • Only one- or two-page long
  • Simple in layout


  • May not be for entry level applicants who do not have much work experience to list down

best resume format 2015

Need More Advice on Best Resume Format 2015?

There you have the best resume format 2015 to use for your job applications, but according to your goals and experience, among other important factors you deem applicable for you. Be able to select the one that presents you in the best manner possible because your resume is your business card for a potential job interview.