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Best Resume Templates for 2017

The Importance of a Well Written Resume

Not getting any bites on your job hunt? The reason might be your out of date resume. If you’ve recently change careers, or if you haven’t been job hunting in a while, or if you’re just out of school and have been focusing on academics, it can be hard to get the resume you need. But resumes are the most important tool in your job hunt toolbox, no matter what stage of the game you’re at. They’re your first impression and your only chance to make your image a good one. If you want to show that you’re a qualified person with plenty to recommend you, you need a good resume.

The Facts on Resumes

Did you know that only 35% of applicants are actually qualified for the job they’re applying to? But a medium to large company gets 100-200 applicants for every job they have open! Only about 25 of these dozens or hundreds of candidate will make it into a final group; the rest will be ditched, thrown out after a quick review. What gets those 25 candidates, drawn from that 35% of the qualified, in? The answer is their resume. This episode highlights what we mean about the importance of resumes. It’s a tough, competitive job market out there, one that can chew you up and spit you out. Don’t try to navigate it on your own. Instead, check out our tips for getting great resumes.

The Major Resume Changes This Year

There are three major changes in resumes this year that you need to make in order to be truly up to date. Follow these and you’ll never have to wonder whether you’re truly on the ball for resume creation.

  • Focus on results: Buzzwords? Psht, they’re a thing of the past. Or, to be more specific, certain types of buzzwords are. Saying you’re “detail oriented” and “results driven” is out. Showing that you’re those things, through specific numbers and descriptions of tasks, is way more in.
  • Use social media: Isn’t social media supposed to be private? Not anymore. Nowadays, your social media accounts are just another tool to show employers who you are and what you’re like. What this means for you is that you’ve got to make sure your Facebook, Twitter, and other similar profiles are squeaky clean. No talking about booze. No risqué pictures. Get a private account, not associated with your name, if you really need that sort of thing.
  • Use job keywords: If you’re applying for a position, you need to tailor your resume to that position. But not just tailor. You need to include keywords so that an automated resume sorting machine will put you on the right side. Look at the words in the job description; check out important terms in your industry. Make sure you have a few of the most important ones (well-integrated) sprinkled discreetly into your resume.

Best Resume Examples 2017

What does a good resume look like?  Consider these examples of resume format:

  • Resume’s bold use of color and blocking makes it stand out.
  • Consider block-format resume with a bright colors to liven it up. Fun and easy to read!
  • The dark format of a resume makes it stand out yet doesn’t take away the distinctness of the whitespace.
  • You can only use one color to good effect, creating clean lines and pleasing harmony.

Writing a Resume for 2017

So you’re ready to write your resume. How can you do it? Here’s five tips to help you on your way.

  • Use a template, but tweak it: Unless you’re a graphic designer, it’s hard to get a nice resume without a professional CV template 2016-2017, so feel free to use one. However, make small changes on things like color so you stand out.
  • Do some research: Find out what keywords are currently important, and then include them.
  • Include achievements and responsibilities: These days, it’s all about both. People want to know what you’re capable of and what you’ve been able to achieve thus far.
  • Don’t get too hung up on the one page rule: Been in the industry for a long time? Go ahead and use two pages. No more than that, but it’s now expected that if you’re a high powered CEO, you need more space than a recent graduate.
  • Proofread carefully: The last and perhaps most important tip. Grammar or spelling mistakes get your resume tossed instantly into the bin.

What to Add or Remove from Existing Resumes

So, having said all this, what should you add to or remove from your resume? We have the lists.

Add these things to your resume:

  • Hard numbers: Never be vague when you can be specific – you increased productivity? How much? You can even put charts if you have the space and data.
  • Active verbs: Don’t say “did” and “went”, say “managed”, “organized”, and “assisted”.
  • Social media profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Employers will find them anyway, so be up front about them.

Remove these things from your resume:

  • Photographs: This may be coming, but it’s not here yet. Photographs increase rejection rates.
  • Hobbies: These days, people don’t care. It’s irrelevant; get rid of it.
  • Buzzwords: As we discussed, use action verbs and numbers if you can.

Get Best Resume Formats 2017

There’s so much riding on your resume. It’s your only chance to make a first impression when recruiters are deciding whether or not to choose you for an interview. You have the experience and knowledge to succeed, and you have so much to contribute. You deserve a resume that showcases your many advantages. Follow our tips, and watch how your callbacks increase!

Write an amazing and successful resume today with the help of our best resume templates for 2017!