Breakthrough of 2015 Resume

breakthrough 2015 resume


It’s no secret that 2015 is the breakthrough for some really great resumes, but it’s also the year where the weirdest forms of resumes have begun to surface. Resumes that stand out are the ones that really get looked at and followed up from, so ensuring that yours stands out among the sea of them is extremely important.

Oddities in Your Resume

Adding something strange into your resume is the best way to make a splash, especially since recruiters and potential employers spend less than a minute going over each resume that they see. This is especially true if they receive up to one hundred per week, so standing out is vital. Resumes for 2015 that include something weird or strange is the best way to get noticed, but do not go overboard with it. For example, stating that you can do the moon walk in your skills, is inappropriate.

CareerBuilder reported that they received a resume that came with a lemon and a note stating that the applicant was “not a lemon”. Ensuring that there is something strange on your resume does not necessarily mean that you need to be insane. Adding a very subtle personal touch, such as including that you are an animal lover who has 5 cats, is something that is more appropriate and will definitely catch someone’s attention.

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The Lay of the Land For Your Resume

When it comes to a breakthrough 2015 resume and how it is formatted, the style of a magazine layout is the most popular style nowadays. Even if you are applying for a position that has nothing to do with magazines or anything of the like, the layout that is used to land the job of a magazine editor, for example, is the best way to go. These layouts are formatted to be organized, all in the same font size and font in general, which is typically Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. With that said, Comic Sans and any other font other than the three that were listed previously, are extremely inappropriate to use for any resume, no matter how strange you are. Comic Sans is for children, not adults looking for employment.

In conclusion, it’s extremely important not to make a fool of yourself on your resume. Do not add anything that is completely out of this world, or send fruit in with your resume. It’s perfectly okay to add a personal touch that is a little bit strange to catch someone’s attention, but learn your lesson and keep your resume clean. This and also knowing  resume dos and donts or headhunting tips will ensure you get an interview, and a job.