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Best Chronological Resume Format 2017: Your Full Guide

A chronological resume format 2017 is the most common format of resume that job seekers use to apply for a job posting. This style of formatting a resume that you can find many professional resume samples 2017 of is the most known and the most used, and as its name says, it is all listing all the previous experiences of the applicant in a chronological way, in a descendant or ascendant way.

Most experienced job seekers recommend the chronological format of resume over any other way. It happens because it can help the job seeker to accommodate and order all his experiences and achievements in a more easy and appealable way, even if it looks too conventional or just old. However, it is a very good approach for those who want to show that they have a vast experience, especially if this experience may hold more than two or three jobs.

But if you’ve changed and have had too many jobs in your life, this chronological format of resume can actually be bad for you. However, many people still think that this is the best way to write a resume, even if it looks easier for employers to spot a problem or bad situation from your experience. Whatever it is, we’ve made a list with the best recommendations and chronological resumes format samples for you to know what you have to do if you want to write the best chronological resume 2017.

Chronological Resume Format 2017: How to Accommodate the Resume

There a few tips we can give you in order to make a good chronological format of resume that will help you to win jobs, but this information is totally up to you, as you can use it the way you want and better fits for you. However, if you add and follow our recommendations you are more likely to be selected, so, without going much further, here you have them:

  • Your contact information

When you’re writing a resume you will have to follow a chronological resume format 2017 rule that is totally obligatory, the contact information. This information should always be written as the first section. In this section, you must write things like your Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail and if you want, you can also state any degree you’ve achieved.

If you are a professional or an independent worker and you have a website or blog and want to go further, you can also add any website or even a personal social media profile like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, if you think it fits with the job characteristics.

  • Introduction or objectives

A chronological format of resume lets the applicant choose the way he wants to portrait the second section of the resume. This can be a Career Objective, Job Objective, a Professional Profile or an Experience Summary.

Each one of these sections has a different advantage and it is up to the writer to choose the one that better fits with his abilities and the experiences. An Experience or Qualifications Summary, for example, would be better for someone with vast experience and with more skills and abilities to offer. On the other hand, a Career Objective would be great for someone who doesn’t have much experience but want to show that he’s capable and can achieve many things if he’s given an opportunity, for example.

Depending on the job seeker you are, you can use the chronological resume format samples for this second section you want, but it will always be better to choose wisely and think it through.

  • Professional job experiences (if any)

This section is the most important part of a chronological resume format 2017 as it is the one that makes all that “chronological” have sense. In this section, you will have to attach all previous experience you’ve had, even if it doesn’t have any relevance with the job posting. But the thing that makes it chronological is actually the way you’re going to do it, in a chronological way, posting the most recent at first and the older one at last.

You can also do it reversely, writing the latest at first and the most recent at last, depending on how you like it better. However, it is important to know that you will also have to show some details about every job, like skills and abilities you’ve learned through time and what you’ve accomplished in each specific job, using measurable figures or numbers to show the employer what you’ve achieved.

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You should also use action verbs, making it easier to your employer to figure out what you used to do and what you learned from every job. This will make it more appealable to the employer and even help you get selected. Don’t forget to combine your chronological resume with resume samples of your field and follow f.e. best it resume format.

  • Education

This section, apart from the work experience, doesn’t have to be too detailed, but it is important to state the name of the institution, type of degree, year of graduation or the amount of time you’ve been studying in case you haven’t graduated yet.

You can also add things like honors, grades like the GPA, or any other important detail but always simple with less than 4 or 5 words. All this can change if you’re still a student, where you can also state that you’re one of the best in your class and any other extra-academic activity you’ve accomplished.

  • Technical or additional skills

In every chronological format of resume, the technical and personal or additional skills can also be written at the end or after your work experience if you think they fit better there. In here you will have to show the employer with keywords about the job you’re applying for. Keywords all the things the employer is asking for, that could be any personal or technical skills depending on your area of expertise, as long as you actually comply with them.

In this area of the chronological resume you will only have to show your skills in a simple way, without making it hard to read and without explaining too much. Just state the abilities and that’s it.

Chronological Resume Format 2017: Chronological Resume Format Samples

Name of Applicant


Phone Number / Email

Summary or Objectives

In this section, you can show all your potential as a professional with a vast experience plus your skills, or your objectives of career if you’re a novice or someone who has recently graduated or don’t have much experience. Whatever it is, always make it simple and effective in a way that the employer can appeal with the information being shown.

Work Experience (Chronological)

  • NAME OF THE INSTITUTION OR COMPANY, Place and Year 2007 – 2008

Name of the Job Post (part-time)

A little specification of what you used to do.

  • Then you will have to write in a bulleted list all your accomplishments in this job and things you’ve learned from it.
  • Also, you can state what you used to do in a more specific way, without going too deep into the matter and not writing more than 2 lines per description.

Try to always make it concise and simple, giving specifics without making it feel overwhelming.

  • NAME OF THE INSTITUTION OR COMPANY, Place and Year 2005 – 2006

Name of the Job Post (full-time)

A little specification of what you used to do.

  • A bulleted list with details.

Personal and Technical Skills

In this section, you will add all your personal and technical skill (if you have experience) that are relevant to the job. You will have to pay attention to the job posting, as this section would look better if you show what exactly the employer is looking for. Example:

  • In case it is a job posting for a Legal Job position, you can add that you know how to use Westlaw (or any other tool) and that you have knowledge on a specific subject of the law.
  • Never make them too heavy to understand, you will have to use a good language and always keeping it simple.


2005 – Present NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY OR SCHOOL, Place or Location

Name of the Degree; May 2010 – Year of Graduation

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Whatever it is you’re trying to get selected to, it is important to follow certain rules of resume samples  and to know how exactly a chronological resume format 2017 is structured. That’s why you should know, plus all the important details that you’ll have to write in every section, always making it easier for the employer to read and discover what your main abilities are.

If you want to write in a chronological format of resume we’ve made this list so it is easier for anyone to write one. Follow our recommendations and more important details for a chronological resume format 2017 and you will have more chances of being hired!