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8 Advantages of Combination Format Resume 2017

A Combination format resume 2017 is a type of resume that is used, just like functional resumes, to give a better explanation of the qualifications and capabilities of a jobseeker with experience without taking into account weak spots but highlighting the important details. A resume combination format will be the best type to use if you’re trying to apply for a job that requires a lot of expertise and good skills on a specific field, even if you’ve been unemployed for some time. It’s a good choice for an executive format resume.

Even when a resume combination format is more suitable for people who want to emphasize on their skills and accomplishments and less on their work experience, this type of resume can also work for people who want to do something different from what they used to. So it is important to include any skill that can be used on different jobs, especially if the one you’re trying to get has relevance with your previous experiences.

However, even when the sample combination resume format gives more space for skills to be developed, there’s still a lot of room for work experience, so it is not a resume type that is used to avoid showing or hiding anything. If you’ve been a good worker before and have accomplished great things, this type of resume will greatly help you become a better candidate, but it’s still important to learn how you can manage to write one and why it’s a good type of resume.

Combination Format Resume 2017: 8 Advantages of a Combination Format Resume

As this is a combination between a functional and a conventional or chronological resume, you can be sure that you can mold it how you want, depending on your experiences, necessities, skills and the job you’re trying to get. However, independently, these are the 8 advantages and reasons you can use a combination resume format for:

  • It will give an advantage if you’re a worker with a steady and really consistent work history who wants to highlight his experience and accomplishments and at the same time give some space to important skills.
  • This type of resume can also be very good for students, as they can focus on whatever they want. If you are a student you will have to think about the best format you can give it to make it more appealable, by using the combination method.
  • New Graduates can also use this method as it can let the applicant focus on whatever he wants. In this case, he can focus on his studies and academic achievements.
  • For people looking entry, jobs to apply for. This type of resume can be easy to format and modify depending on the necessities and desires, and still, make a good impression if managed with cleverness.
  • It can also give an advantage to people who want to change careers or just make a transition from one to another. As this method helps the applicant to focus his resume on what he wants.
  • Workers with an extensive work history can also take advantage of this method. If they’ve worked hard enough and have developed great skills and qualifications, this is the type of resume that was designed for them.
  • This can also work for those who haven’t been working for some time. It helps these people to highlight their strengths and avoid bringing too much attention to gaps in work experience.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to reenter the workforce or just look for a job position in a company can also take advantage of this method. As it lets the person completely redesign the whole resume.

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Combination Format Resume 2017 – Structure of a Combination Resume

As we already know, a sample combination format is all about combining both chronological and functional resume types and making a new one according to the necessities of the applicant. However, there are certain things that could still harm the way that resume combination format looks like such as resume buzz words 2017, so we have a list of some recommendations and details to take into account every time someone decides to write one of these.

  • Contact information

This section is easy. You’ll just have to include all pertinent contact information like your name, address, phone number and email. You can also add things like a blog or a social media profile.

  • Qualifications summary

This section comes after the contact information. In here, you will have to write in a concise and appealable way, all your skills and professional accomplishments. Always try to make them look better, using a proper language and being totally direct, also, using numbers and accountable marks can also help to make it more appealable.

  • Additional skills

Just like qualifications summary, in additional skills, you can also add all technical skills you’ve learned through experienced and have managed to develop and get better at. Also, in this section you can add personal skills like Responsibility, Honesty, Availability to Work Under Pressure and things like that. However, if there are any that could be accountable with numbers, state it and add them.

  • Professional experience

This may be the most important section of a resume combination format where you will have to write all your previous experiences while highlighting all skills you’ve learned through the years. This section can be avoided in details if you want to change career or make a transition to another field of work. However, if any of your previous experiences can be a little relevant to the work you’re applying for, it would be great to highlight it and make it easier to the employer to see it.

  • Education

At last, your education. A sample combination resume should have this section with every academic accomplishment from college degrees and coursework or certificates you’ve earned. Projects and extra-academic activities will be great to add in this section and make it better for the employer.

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This combination format resume 2017 is the best approach to make on a resume in order to make it easier and more understandable to read. Also, it helps the applicant to highlight and show whatever he likes at first and leave whatever is not that important for the last part. However, the most important thing to know when writing this kind of resume is that it should be done perfectly with no mistakes and always taking into account the important details, so you will have better chances of being the one selected for the job.

If you’ve struggled to make a resume combination format, you can take a look at this guide and create the best resume using the combination style that will make you win more jobs.

A proper combination format resume 2017 will be great if you take our advice and now a little more about it, so read carefully and we assure you that you will catch the attention of every employer!