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Customer Support Resume Example 2017 for Experienced and New Employee

Want to work as a Customer Support Agent? If that’s the case, you will need a good Customer Support Resume that attracts the attention contractors and employers, however, depending on your experience and abilities, your resume can be different, so we’ve made a list with some good resume tips 2017 to take in order to make a perfect customer support example 2017 that will get you the job.

Customer Support Example 2017: Job Summary

A customer support service representative must have decent communication skills at least. Nothing less than good will be accepted for that kind of job, along with great interpersonal skills. As this kind of job demands a lot of talking with people and even charisma, a customer support will have to develop certain skills to become one of the best, especially if he’s inexperienced.

The job of a customer support representative can be many things, but the most common are dealing with questions, talking to people about certain products, taking orders from customers or clients and sometimes it even demands the employee to sell stuff. Whatever it is, it can be over the phone, through email, Skype, video calls or just in person.

Thanks to the many opportunities there are for customer support representative, there’s always a job to look for. Depending on what you like, the number of hours you want to work, different plans and even manage to do filing and paperwork, a customer support job can be a good opportunity for anyone.

Customer Support Example 2017: What Do You Need?

The least you need to become a customer service representative is a high school diploma or equivalent. However, it is utterly important that you know how to communicate properly, with education and manners, being fluent and always direct. But that is not entirely necessary because some companies actually offer some courses and training for employees to develop these skills or just improve them for the job.

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This training is often about all the things you need to know for the job, from technicalities to information about products or just what it will center on and at the same time, it is made to give advice to the new representatives to enhance their abilities and be a better fit for the job.

Customer Support Example 2017: Steps to Make It Shine

  • If you have any experience, state it on the resume. Any skills pertinent to the job and all education you have, always stating it in a concise and easy-to-read way is the best approach.
  • As stated in the sample resume for customer support below, your abilities and accomplishments plus education and all relevant information should be written in a very easy-to-read fashion, making it easier and more appealable for the employer.
  • If you are experienced or not, make a list with all previous jobs as a customer support or just anything that could help. Each one of them should be written as a sub-heading and listing every important accomplishment or learned skills from the job. This should also go along with name, location, period of employment and the exact job title.
  • The accomplishment and learned skills from each job should be written beneath the job sub-heading as a bulleted list, with at least 3 to show that the job was fruitful for you. If you show something really important in an appealable way, you will catch the eye of the employer for sure.
  • If you have any education put the highest first. If you’ve had some college but never finished, put it at first with the years or semesters that were coursed. You should put the institution name and year of graduation or when you attended.
  • At last, you’ll have to put what your core abilities are. These can be time-management, good interpersonal skills, initiative, adaptability and so on.

Customer Support Example 2017: Sample Resume for Customer Support






Customer Support Specialist at Name of the Company – Period of Employment

  • At least 3 Skills or Accomplishments for the job in bulleted list
  • Stating the experience of the work and what was learned from it
  • Also, you can write whatever was needed to become a good customer support specialist

You can do the same with a job that is not related to customer support


  • Full or Some College at Name of the University – Years of Attendance or Year of Graduation
  • High School at Name of the School – Year of Attendance and Graduation

If you’ve done any training or courses in the past that are related to customer support, you should state it here along with abilities and things you learned from it.

Core Skills and Abilities

  • Customer Service (If Any) – Level of Expertise and Years of Experience
  • Sales (If Any) – Level of Expertise and Years of Experience
  • Interpersonal Skills – State how good you are with adjectives and explain why in short
  • MS Word, Excel, Acces, PowerPoint – These are always important, if you could also add that you have good computer skills it would be great too.
  • Adaptability, Reliability, Flexibility or just anything of that sort.
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Remember that the most important thing to do is to make it easier to read for the employer. For this, you’ll have to make bulleted lists, write short paragraphs if necessary, and just put the most important details of every job. Never talk about your aspirations or dreams, remember that it should look as professional as you can, or just serious enough to catch the attention of the employer.

At last, the best resume advice to make a good customer support resume is to make it clear and concise, without going too deep into any matter and always making it easier to read. Follow our steps and recommendations and you will have a better chance of winning that job.

If you want a customer resume example 2017 here you have one great opportunity to learn more from what can make you win that job. Go make the best customer support resume to get the job you’ve always been looking for!