Do and Don’t of 2015 Resume

resume dos and donts


Making mistakes in your resume, especially considering it’s 2015 and resumes are definitely not a thing of the past, really reflects how you are when it comes to your attentiveness for a job and is just downright inappropriate. Resume dos and donts are things that should not be taken lightly if you are persistent in landing a job that is not only right for you, but will reflect yourself and show your potential employer that you’re serious.

The Birds and the Bees of Resumes

It’s extremely important to pay attention to resume dos and donts when creating yours, and never skimp on even the smallest of details. Formatting and wording, for example, are two main details that will help you land that job. When it comes to 2015 resumes, you should always include:

  • Place your jobs in an order of reverse chronologically, with your latest or current relevant to the position you’re applying for first.
  • Have your education listings at the end of your resume.
  • Identify all of your most relevant strengths.
  • Write your resume in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri with a font size of 10 or 12.
  • Turn your accomplishments into actual numbers, such as, “managed a department in sales of 15 analysts”.

What Not to Do With Your Resume

When it comes to things you should not be including in your resume, the list can go on forever, but these five details are key if you want your resume to sound professional. Making yourself seem like the best candidate possible is the main goal:

  • Do not share details of your religion, hobbies, marital status, your Facebook page, etc.
  • Do not babble on, keep your 2015 resume to two pages maximum.
  • Keep paragraphs out of your resume, potential employers do not need to know your life story and do not care.
  • Do not have the recruiter running in circles when it comes to your previous or current position, ensure that all previous job titles are bolded.
  • Ensure that your resume does not sound like something that came out of a kindergarten classroom, poor wording reflects poorly on you.

Considering the fact that it’s 2015 and we have all written a resume or updated ours at least once a year, do and don’t 2015 resume should be common knowledge. Following these easy tips to ensure that your resume attracts employers and sounds professional will land you a job in no time. Get more information on CV 2015 vs resume 2015 or resume target right now.