Fashion trends of 2015 Resume

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Staying on the wave of fashion when it comes to popular 2015 resume samples is the best way to ensure that you stay ahead of the game, and that you follow the key to success. Creating the fashion that is most trendy will ensure that you are an irreplaceable and unique solution instead of an option for employment. Showing your potential employer just how special you really are, and that you’re up to date with important trends that could very well be relevant, will give you the advantage that you need to land that interview, and the job.

What’s the Most Popular Resume Format of 2015?

So, the main question here is, what is the most popular resume format in 2015? Having an old, outdated resume is a sure fire way to end up on the “not even close” list, and have your resume thrown out. Recruiters and employers see hundreds, even thousands, of resumes each month, so ensuring that yours stands out and is up to code is the best route you can take when it comes to the format.

The Do’s For Your Resume

The format of your resume must be updated and absolutely needs to speak volumes about yourself. First and foremost, stay away from gimmicky resumes, they will literally get you no where but laughed at. The format of your resume is the most important part of all when it comes to a popular 2015 resume:

  • Keep your font in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri with a size of 10 to 12, no larger.
  • Everything should be in chronological order for your experience, with your most recent positions at the top of the list.
  • Keep it functional with more skills listed than employment history, because it creates a bottom line.

This also includes the most popular trends when it comes to resumes:

  • Use breakaway text or a call-out box to draw the reader’s eye away to a certain headline, such as the one found on this page.
  • Incorporate visual engagement in your resume, such as a border or shading in a certain area.
  • Write to your audience, which will be the recruiter, instead of the employer because they know what their client is looking for in terms of an employee. Customize your resume to a specific opening, which is the recruiter in this case.
  • Add your LinkedIn profile, but keep it updated, so the employer can look into it further if they like what they see.
  • Include a proven track record of advancement in your resume, this is a trend that employers are eating up.

Creating a unique resume in 2015 is quite easy, all you have to do is stick with the listed advice, check resume dos and donts or breakthrough 2015 resume and make it your own.