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Everything You Need to Know about Format of Professional Resume 2017

All you need to know to make the format of professional resume 2017 is that depending on your area of expertise and field of work, the components of your resume can change. However, there are some recommendations and tips we can give you in order to make you feel more confident at the moment of writing a professional resume. So, without going much further, here you have our recommendations on best experience resume format.

Even if you haven’t written one in years, you can feel totally secured with our guide, where we will show you the best and most common ways of making a resume look better and achieve more recognition from your employer. But all of this will depend on your skills, level of experience, certifications and what are the employers looking for.

If you’ve decided to look for work now that you’re a professional, even if you are inexperienced looking for an entry job to start your career, this guide will tell you the correct format for a professional resume in order to make it feel more appealable and have a better first impression on any employer.

Format of Professional Resume 2017: What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to know to make a format for a professional resume is what you have to include. From a resume summary or objective part to your education, work history and your core personal and professional skills, but all this depends completely on your experience and your education.

  • Professional summary or career objective section

This section depends on your area of professionalism and experience. If you are a recent graduate, you should use a Career Objective stating all your wishes and desires about your future as a professional, writing how you will make all that happen and how this new job can help you do it. On the other hand, if you are an experienced professional, you should write a professional summary, depending on your experience you’ll have to write a brief description of your career as a professional, stating what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved in a simple and concise fashion.

For this section, we recommend to not use many personal pronouns like ‘I’, or ‘me’ and so on. Make it simple and focus on what you’ve learned and what makes you who you are with keywords and short phrases, beginning with the most important keyword that is your profession, how you look yourself as and don’t forget to follow resume rules 2017.

  • Work experience section

As you may already know, one of the best format for a professional resume is the chronological resume, but there’s also the functional type. Both are great ways to write a resume, but depending on your level of expertise and experience, you can use the one that better fits with your profile, or just a mix between the two.

The chronological way helps you to list in a reverse order, with the most recent job at first with all important details of it and skills you’ve learned plus the responsibilities you have. On the other hand, the functional resume, separates all your work history in sub-headings, highlighting all your accomplishments and skills you’ve learned on every job, making it simpler, easier and sometimes more interesting than a chronological one.

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Remember to include important keywords relevant to the job, those specializations that employers look for depending on your area of expertise. However, you should never write something that you don’t comply with, don’t ever lie on a resume as that can be really harmful to you.

  • The education section

As said before, to write a good format of professional resume 2017 you’ll need to know a lot about your area of expertise, both from experience and from research, especially if you are a professional with experience in the field but hadn’t taken the time to know with more depth all about your market.

However, all of this can be totally insignificant, at the end the only thing that’s of importance is your degree and specialty. But this can change depending on your industry as you are very likely to not know everything about it.

You’ll just have to focus on your most recent certificates or achievements, stating the level of expertise and how far you’ve gone in your career as a professional. This section can be written at the end or in the middle, depending on the amount of expertise of the applicant. If the applicant is a recent graduate, he will write this section after his work experience, or even before. An experienced professional is more likely to write this section at the end, with skills and experience first.

  • How to write the skills section

Now it’s the time to show the employer all you’ve learned being a professional. This is what makes you stand out from the others candidates, the attributes that can actually win the job for you, so you better choose wisely what to insert here, as it may be one of the most important sections of a professional resume.

In this part, you will have to be concise and at the same time, a little detail-oriented, that means knowing what your employer wants and showcasing them with more emphasis. You can also add anything that is relevant to the job, even if it is not asked from the employer, like technical skills you’ve learned before and your level of expertise with a computer and different software you might be needed to know later.

  • Always be concise and use a proper language

If you know the format for a professional resume, you may not know what exactly makes it easier and more understandable to read, while also being appealable and eye-catching for your employer. The thing that makes your resume shine if the way you write it. You’ll have to be concise, direct and use a proper language, avoiding past tenses and personal first-person pronouns like ‘I’ or ‘me’, just stating your abilities, skills, jobs and works as just a statement.

Writing in an easy-to-read fashion and always using a vocabulary that doesn’t see too technical but at the same time delivers the message about your expertise and professionalism will be the best way to write a proper resume for professional.

Format of Professional Resume 2017: How to Format a Professional Resume

Your Name Here

Your Address Here  Example City  Your Phone  Your Email Here

Your Professional Description Name Here

  • A bulleted list or a little paragraph about your skills, professional experience and what you’ve achieved during your career.

Professional experience

Name of the company, Location, State – Brief description of the company

Job Position, Date of Beginning – Date of Ending

A little brief description of what you had to do and what you’ve accomplished with numbers.

Special Accomplishments or Skills:

  • A Bulleted list about all accomplishments and skills you’ve learned, develop and mastered with this job.


A bulleted list with all important skills relevant to the job you’re applying for like:

  • Marketing Research
  • Java Management
  • Software PHP creation
  • SEO-SEM Specialist
  • And so on…


NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY, Name of Location or City

Name of your Degree, Date of Accomplishment

  • A bulleted list with majors honors and accomplishments during schooling.

Additional skills

Here you can add all additional skills that can be relevant to the job like any software you know how to use properly, personal skills like communication or any other tool depending on your area of expertise.

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Writing the format of a professional resume 2017 is not an easy task, but can be easier if you take special attention to details and important factors that will make it look better. At the end, it is up to you to know what you’re better at and what you can accomplish with your experience, so you can write whatever you think it’s best for your resume and eventually become a better fit for your employer.

However, we totally recommend taking a look at our guide and following every recommendation and tips we’ve given in order to create a good format of professional resume 2017.

If you want to know more about how to give format for a professional resume, we invite you to read our guide and have better chances of being chosen by the job employer!