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5 Reasons to Use Functional Resume Format 2017

If you’ve wondered what is a functional resume format, it is one of the top 2017 resume trends and a good way of creating a good resume for professionals, that delivers a more secure and great way to highlight are the important skills and achievements of professionals while hiding or forgetting about the less important ones. This type of resume is different from a chronological one but actually demands a little more work and thought from the applicant while also having a more important objective.

The main purpose of writing a functional resume format 2017 is to hide any imperfect work experience you’ve had before, or just when you want to hide any industry transfer to your employer. However, it is possible that you’re here reading this guide because you’ve been unemployed for too long and now you want to know how to correctly write one, avoiding writing a big blank space in the experience section.

That’s why we’ve come with the best functional resume format template plus some recommendations in order to make any employer fall for your skills and experience. With this format of functional resume you will be able to become a better fit for any job and a better candidate for the one you want, take a look now:

Functional Resume Format 2017: 5 Reasons to Use It

This kind of resume can help many job seekers to achieve a better impression on the employer or hiring manager. It is because it helps to do things that the conventional or chronological way doesn’t help you to make it possible.

The 5 reasons to use a functional resume are:

  • If you have any gaps in your work story, this type of resume will help you at hiding those gaps.
  • If you are reentering after a long time without working to the workforce, this type of resume will be the best decision.
  • If you’ve been changing jobs too frequently
  • If you are trying to work on a new career or just trying to transition to another with less experience
  • When you don’t fit the specific demands of the employer or hiring manager for the job

If you fit with any of these descriptions, you will probably have to use this type of resume. Functional resume is a good format of professional resume 2017. The main function of this resume is to make every skill and experience fit any other kind of job that may not even be relevant to what we’ve done before. That’s why it is important to know what is a functional resume and how it works, so you can have better chances of being chosen.

Functional Resume Format 2017: How to Format a Functional Resume

The first thing you need to know about formatting with a functional resume format template is that it requires you to know what exactly are you good at and how you can change it to mold it for another job when it may not even be relevant. We will explain to you how to correctly format and what steps to make, with detailed information about every section format of functional resume.

  • Contact information

This first section is the easiest. You’ll just have to write your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email and any other information like a website or anything that the employer can use to contact you.

  • Career objective or qualifications summary

If you’ve been unemployment for too long, choosing between the career objective section or a professional or qualifications summary may be easy. Most people using this functional resume format template use the qualifications summary as it can be better to show and emphasize on any skills you’ve actually worked with and have expertise on.

writing functional resume advice

This way, you can add all your skills and job posts you’ve done in a simple briefing paragraph of not more than 8 lines stating all your experience and skills in order to avoid stating later in your work experience that may be harmed or with gaps.

On the other hand, writing a career objective can make you look like a novice and less appealable for the contractor. That’s why we recommend using a qualifications summary with 4 or 5 achievements and skills from previous experiences.

  • Relevant skills core

In this type of resume, your skills are more important than your experience as we’ve stated it before. This way you can write your skills before your work experience and avoid doing it later, letting your work experience at the end in order to make the employer forget about that part or just don’t make it too important.

Try to add at least 3 skills and write a bulleted list with all details of works you’ve been before, without stating the dates and emphasizing on your skills and achievements. This way will be easier for your employer to know your skills and know what you’re capable of, without taking too much attention to your experience.

  • Experience (optional)

If you’ve had a seriously long time of unemployment, try to label the exact reason for it. There are many reasons a person could’ve been unemployed for a long time, like being a parent, studying in another country, taking care of an ill relative or even being a full-time student after working for some time.

However, if you haven’t worked it doesn’t mean that you didn’t learn anything or just did nothing. Try to make a brief description of what you learned during that time of unemployment and make it appealing so the employer knows that you’re not telling a lie or just didn’t want to work. But if for example, you didn’t work for six months, you can relieve that gap with a brief description of what you did in that period and the employer may not even notice or care about those.

  • Education section

This part can also be used to avoid making too much emphasize on the work experience section. With a functional resume format template, you can hide all your bad work experience and make it look less important if you put a little more emphasis on your education.

In this part, you can write only the basics, but we recommend including everything you’ve done in the academic field, especially if it has to do with the job you’re applying for. Stating everything from the name of the institution, year of graduation, city, and state, the name of the degree you received and your GPA grade plus any honors and accomplishments you made during that time.

Functional Resume Format 2017: Sample Format of Functional Resume

Contact Information



Phone and Email

Career Objective or Professional Summary

In this section, you should state your whole experience as a professional with relevant information to the job you’re applying for. Try to make everything look more like a work experience but without including any dates or gaps between them. State what you’ve learned and what you’re best at, trying to avoid doing it later.


Here you can make a bulleted list with sub-headings stating every different type of skills you have. From Personal to technical and those relevant to the job you’re posting. For example, if you’re posting for a customer support job, you can do this:

Customer Support Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Good Diction
  • And so on…

Personal Skills

  • Adaptability
  • Responsibility
  • Always Available

Technical Skills

  • Use of Social Media Marketing
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Any other software or tool relevant to the job and so on…


In this part, you will add all your education by stating first the name of the institution and then all details pertinent to the job and obtained degree.

NAME OF THE INSTITUION, Location, city, and State – Year of GraduationName of the Obtained Degree

Brief Description about any accomplishment, honors, and GPA

  • Can use a bulleted list to show what you learned and how you’ve used it in your professional career.

Work experience

As we’ve told you before, this part is the less important in a functional resume format template. So, you can add it at the last part of the resume in order to make the employer avoid paying too much attention to it or just not caring too much about it.

  • NAME OF THE COMPANY, Location and State – Brief description of what the company does

Dates with years of how much you’ve worked at it.

  • A bulleted list of what you’ve learned at every one of them.
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If you have any gap in your work experience, you can add why you didn’t work and state what you learned during that time and why. Without going too deep into the matter and showing total honesty.

At the end, it all comes down to how you manage to create a good format of a functional resume, making it easier for the employer to spot what you’re good at and avoiding being criticize for not having a perfect job resume and not getting the job.

For this, we’ve made a good list with recommendations and whys on what is a functional resume format so you can have a better idea and land that job you want even when you haven’t been working for some time.

Use our ideas for a perfect functional resume format 2017 and become the next best candidate for that job posting!