HeadHunters tips on 2015 Resume

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HeadHunters do not typically like to share their secrets, because applicants utilize them, and this makes it harder for them to find the proper person. This makes every resume “right” and it gets more difficult to scan through them as they keep coming in for specific positions.

HeadHunter’s Tips for 2015 Resumes

HeadHunter tips for 2015 resume are secret points that they search for when it comes to resumes in 2015, which should be pretty advanced by now and not child’s play. HeadHunters know when a resume is falsely written because of the simple fact that the previous positions and the experience does not match up, for example. Following these secrets on what HeadHunters is searching in terms of a resume in 2015 will help you greatly to build your resume:

  • Present yourself as a solution instead of one of many options that are out there.
  • Keep your resume as short as possible, around 600-700 words in length.
  • Leave out words such as develop, first, learning and myself.
  • Use power keywords such as development, professional, project, management and experience.
  • Include your work history, training, references, objective and summary sections.
  • Leave out the language, personal interest, hobbies and accomplishments sections.
  • Include a small “thank you for your consideration” on your cover letter, politeness speaks volumes.
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Success With Your Resume

The following HeadHunting tips are the best way to ensure that you really know what you’re doing with your resume so you do not get shot down. However, if you feel that you need to rewrite your old resume to match up with these tips, do so. If you require a little extra help, ask the headhunter! They will give you all of the necessary tips to ensure that you are successful in your search. Confusing the headhunter into believing that everything you have written is relevant is key, because they will push your resume through instead of pulling it back.

Rewrite your resume more professionally than you normally would, throw a little extra jazz in there to sum everything up and really make it shine. It’s not technically lying, it’s making yourself look better.

Using these tips to trick HeadHunters will effectively trick anyone else when it comes to your resume and how you present it. Let’s face it, it’s 2015, no one is completely honest with their resume. Get more information on CV 2015 vs resume 2015 or resume dos and donts if you want.