How Resume Sample 2015 Looks Like?

If you need to apply for certain position and you are looking for a good way on how you can able to create your resume that will stand out and help you in getting an interview, then a resume sample 2015 is a good help for you.

How Resume Samples 2015 Looks Like

Knowing some resume samples 2015 is a nice idea because you gain good information on how you can get started in creating your resume. With that in mind, here is a good sample that you can follow and serve as your guide.

Complete Name

Address, Contact Number

Email address

Versatile and skilled Engineer

Able to create strategic decisions and problem solving


A result oriented and highly motivated engineer that seeks a challenging internship in engineering in manufacturing or industrial setting in gaining valuable experience, obtain long term employment and building great skill set.

Core Competencies

  • Quality control
  • Meter testing
  • Engineering design
  • Research
  • Automated systems


  • Performed and set up automated production such as assembling and line for filling
  • Mastered and completed courses such as operations research, engineering analysis, manufacturing systems integration, operation management, production management, regulatory standards and CAD/CAM.


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Professional Experience

  • Made adjustments to hard copy and computerized files and documents
  • Produce price lists in promoting customer service
  • Great in designing
  • Accurate in documented tested procedures
  • Worked in a warehouse department as well as tested meters before installation to ensure accuracy
  • Thorough research about properties of electricity

There you have it a good sample of resume that helps you to get started. The fact is that there are still lots of resume format 2015 on the internet that you can check out. This sample is one of the best format and sample that guides you especially if you don’t know what information you need to include.

The sample is your one-stop solution so that you can avoid the mistakes in creating a resume. Finally, whenever you are having second thoughts in creating your resume, it is not bad to check out and make a research on samples because it helps you.