How to Adapt Your Resume for New Resume Format 2015

If you were looking for new resume format 2015, then you have come to the right spot online because you will learn how to update if you have an existing resume created for last year. What are the most important elements to include for the new professional resume format 2015? Check out the following.

What Is the Latest Resume Format 2015?

  • Contact Details

This section will include your complete name, your mailing address including zip code, your contact numbers and email address. This should be on top of your resume, known as the headline, so that the employer can easily find information on how to contact you.

  • Objective

This section emphasizes what you want in your job as well as how knowledgeable you are in the field. Depending on your goals, this could be something general or specific.

  • Career summary

This should emphasize your accomplishments or achievements as well as details that back them up and should show how successful you have been in the industry.

  • Experience

This section in the latest resume format 2015 reveals your work experience or history as well as your job descriptions. It will also include company names, dates and positions held in reverse chronological order.

  • Education

It is about your educational background that includes degrees earned, licenses and certifications, among other educational achievements.

  • Skills

This section is about the relevant skills you have for the current job application. This should be highlighted in the latest resume format 2015.

Updated Resume Format 2015 Tips

1.      When writing your resume, you should use simple and easy to read fonts, including Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman.
2.      Use half inch up to one-inch margins for your resume so that it will be easily readable, downloadable and printable resume for the hiring manager.
3.      Do not use fancy papers in printing your resume because it should appear professional. Remember this is not a component in your scrapbook but an application paper.
4.      Edit and revise your work when needed.

There you have the best ways on how you can update and adapt your resume to become suitable for 2015 application. You can follow these tips including the font and styling you need to come up with a professional and latest resume format 2015.