New 2015 Resume Format Guidelines

Resume Format

Choose a simplistic minimal as possible format. Leave out unnecessary details and select only power words to include on it.

Resume Margins

Experts suggest using one-half to one inch margins on your 2015 resume format because hiring managers are less likely to print out a resume that does not have enough of it.

Resume Font Size

Career coaches recommend using font size between 10 and 12. They are likely to be read than those resumes with smaller or bigger fonts than this range.

Resume Text

Career advisors suggest using simple fonts, including Verdana, Calibri, Times New Roman and Arial

How to Choose the Best Resume Format

Choose according to your job experience, skills and knowledge. If you are someone who always shift or change careers or jobs, select functional resume, but if you are consistently working and without many year gaps, you may opt for a chronological resume. You can use both styles if you want to highlight knowledge, skills and abilities equally. It is all up to you.

Resume Examples

  • Combination
  • Functional
  • Chronological
  • Non-traditional

Proper Resume Format 2015: Sample Resumes

  • Contact details
  • Objective
  • Experience/Achievements
  • Skill summary
  • Education
  • References

How to Write a Resume

Begin with your personal and contact details followed by your career objective in the next section. Highlight career achievements and experiences using keywords based on your industry. Include your educational background in the next section, including dates of graduation, schools attended and degrees earned.

proper resume format 2015

How to Create a Professional Resume

A professional can create a custom resume formatting 2015 based on job application meaning it is tailored on the job posting to indicate you are a strong candidate for the position.  It can be a combination of proper resume format 2015.

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