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Best Paralegal Resume 2017 Format

When you are a paralegal student, writing a perfect paralegal resume 2017 is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in order to get a job. It happens often when you’re finishing your studies and you want something to get experience or just start working immediately before finishing up. However, if you are already graduated it would also be important to know how to properly write a paralegal resume 2017 and how to choose an effective resume format.

Doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not, writing a good resume for a paralegal job is often the most important and first step to being hired. It Is always important to write them concisely, comprehensively and very appealing without stating irrelevant information. That’s why we are going to show you a paralegal resume sample for you to know how to properly write one, with steps and details and explain how it differs from other resumes such as customer support resume.

Paralegal Resume 2017: Steps to Write a Perfect Resume

  • The first thing you need to know about writing a paralegal resume 2017 is that you have to point out all your contact information. Your name, address, phone number, email and other ways if available. Always use common fonts, like Times New Roman or Calibri that will be easy to read.
  • Always keep your resume on one page, which means using a good font without stating unimportant facts and making everything easy to read, without going to deep and being concise. Also, remember to keep all important facts in bold or just bigger fonts, like names of jobs, companies, and your own name.
  • Don’t add more than 4 sections per resume. That would be your contact information, jobs, and achievements, education and skills. Nothing more is important, keep it simple.
  • In the Jobs and Achievements try to be as concise and appealing as possible. Name all your previous jobs and all that you learned and achieved while being totally concise, don’t go into details.
  • In education put your highest achievements first, especially those relevant to a paralegal job. If you are finishing paralegal studies, state it on the resume. You can add that you’re one of the best of the class but never add your grades or anything like that.
  • In skills, you should add all important personal skills for the job. These could be honesty, responsibility, adaptability, great interpersonal skills and others like good Diction and all software you can manage with like Word and Excel and so on.

advice on writing paralegal resume 2017

Paralegal Resume 2017: What to Include and What Not

As stated before, it is important to add your contact information, your education, skills and all job experiences especially if they are relevant at first. However, there are many details you should also write on your resume and others that you never should. These details are often not necessarily important but can make a big difference depending on the employer, so we are advising you just in case.

  • As written before, state everything in simple, never go beyond 1 or 2 lines per information about a job or a skill.
  • State everything you learned from a previous job in a bulleted list using the first advice.
  • About your education try to write your college and school name plus the name of the course or studies you’re graduated at or actually studying.
  • If you’ve had any accomplishments while studying you can also add them in this part as a bulleted list below the description of the studies. But never, as stated before, add your grades or anything like that, but you can add that you are one of the best or the best if you actually are in your class.
  • About your skills, you should also be concise and direct. Add simple things that you think will matter, without explaining anything. Like adaptability and good interpersonal skills, communication and things like that.
  • If you have any experience with software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and others like that, state it too. If you have any expertise in any other field you can also state it as a plus. If anything is relevant to the job, write it.
  • Make everything be direct and concise, being appealing to the employer and without going to deep into details and you’re very likely to get the job.

Paralegal Resume 2017: How to Format Your Resume

Here you will have a resume paralegal sample for you to know how to properly write a resume. Take into account every detail and it will be easier for you.

Contact Information

Your Name


Phone Number



September 2015-Present:  Job Position – Name of the Company and Location

  • Learned skills and important details of the job
  • If it has to do with paralegal, always add what you used to do in simple
  • For example:
  • Supervise and train staff, students and so on.
  • Do filing and paperwork for all important research
  • Use of Westlaw and Lexis Tools
  • And so on…


June 2014: Name of The University, Address of the university.

Name of the Degree of Study, Relevance to this job (if any)

Here you can add your proficiency details and how good you are. If you haven’t finished, you can still add it and state if you are one of the best of your class. You can also add other courses and studies relevant to the job, always stating names of institutions and the date of attendance.


  • Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Work under Pressure and so on..
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook – Very Proficient with computers

Write first the relevant skills for the job then you can add things like above

sample paralegal resume 2017

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As this resume paralegal sample looks simple it is just because it is an example. However, do not make anything too big or overwhelming, the simpler and more concise it is the easiest it will be for your employer to read and understand, making you a better fit for the job and possibly winning it for you.

So, if you’re looking for help to write a resume paralegal 2017, here you have the best recommendations and formats to do it. We totally recommend you to use them and we are certain that you will be a better candidate for any job!