TOP 10 Mistakes you Should Avoid Creating Your Resume in 2015

It is easy to make resume mistakes but it is hard to repair the mistakes or damage that is why whenever you need to create your resume, you need to know the top mistakes you should avoid because there are instances that you can’t avoid so it is essential that you know about it.

Top Common Resume Mistakes

Many common resume mistakes are encountered by applicants in creating their resume, and to avoid it, it is better when you know the mistakes you need to avoid when you are in the process of writing. Here are mistakes you need to avoid!

  1. Grammatical errors and typos: You need to ensure that your resume is grammatically perfect so that the employer will not have a hard time in reading it. You should carefully read and check grammar to ensure it is error-free.
  2. Lack of specifics: Employers want to know what you have accomplished and done. For instance, you may want to mention you have worked with employees in an office setting. This is a good phrase but it lacks of specifics details that will get the attention of employer.
  3. Not specific per employer: If you are applying for lots of companies, you need to construct a resume specifically for that company only. You should not submit same resume to all of them instead creating one resume for one company.
  4. Does not highlight duties: Highlight duties and accomplishments. For instance, you attended recorded and group meetings, worked with adults in office setting and others.
  5. Including much fluff and writing a very long resume: Never create a resume of three pages or more. You need to limit your resume to two pages only. Only include important information and leave those that are not necessary for your application.
  6. Bad objective: One of the mistakes of applicants is having bad objective that does not add any value to the resume. Tailor it based on the job application per employer.
  7. Verbs: Use active verbs for specific and strong resume.
  8. Leaving off essential information: Do forget about including important information. Check before sending out your application.
  9. Visually not appealing: Only use one font as much as possible and never use multiple fonts.
  10. Incorrect contact details: Always double-check your contact information for correctness.

resume mistakes 2015If you know the mistakes you need to avoid, then you can able to create the best resume format 2015 on your own in your current and future job applications.