Top 10 the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

What are the most dangerous jobs in the world? We’ll discuss some here, and then later talk about pointers on how to select a career that you will love. In the last part, we’ll touch on important points in improving your resume so that it can make a good impression for your application.

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How to Choose the Career That You’ll Be Happy about

  • Know what you’re good at and what you love: Follow your passion and be clear about it. If you have that one burning goal, reach for it.
  • Determine if you’re prevention- or promotion- focused: Promotion-focused try seizing new opportunities and they work fast. They are creative. On the other hand are prevention-focused people who are exactly the opposite. They prefer planning, analytical thinking and thoroughness.
  • Know the kind of lifestyle you have: Determine if the job suits the kind of lifestyle that you want to lead. A factor to consider, in this case, is if you have control over your time.
  • Know what work environment is for your personality: So if you’re an introvert, you might want a quieter role as compared to an extrovert.
  • Find out if you’re really in a wrong career: If you’re employed looking to change a job, know the reasons you think it is the wrong one.

Ways to Improve Your Resume

  • Improve your contact information.
  • Structure your resume well, and make sure your best assets pop and you choose the best resume format 2017 and best resume examples 2017.
  • Skip the objective statement and replace it with the career summary.
  • Write as long as it provides value. If you have a longer experience then, use two pages if needed.

Dangerous Jobs in the World

Construction jobs

  • 17.4 death per 100x workers
  • $34,000 average annual salary

Top 3 tips

  • Different jobs require different tools
  • Inspection is necessary
  • Prepare for another day’s work

Agricultural workers

  • 21.3 death per 100x workers
  • $73,700 average annual salary

Top 3 tips

  • Use roll-over protective structure
  • Don’t wear loose clothing
  • Keep animals in good health

Truck drivers

  • 22.1 death per 100x workers
  • $37,930 average annual salary

Top 3 tips

  • Watch your blind spots
  • Reduce speed in work zones
  • Maintain your truck

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