What free resume constructors will win in 2015?

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There are literally hundreds of free resume constructors available for use today, but all of them are useful to some degree. It can be difficult to find the right one for you, especially because there are so many, so knowing which is best surely will help with your decision. Going with a free online resume maker that suits your needs best is the way to go.

Slash CV

This online resume creator helps you build a resume from 28 predesigned templates in PDF formats. From there you can save or send your resume on your PC, tablet or even your smartphone to apply for positions. This is great because you can access it from anywhere and send it instantly, especially if you were just given a reference to a position. However, it does not state if you can print your resume or not, so there’s a disadvantage there.


Featured in Forbes, Time and even the New York Post, ResumUP brings some big things to the table. This online resume generator will create both online and offline winning resumes for you using visual appeal to give your future employer something nice to look at. Thought creating a resume is free, which is a big advantage in itself, the only disadvantage is that there are premium services that are not free.


Resumonk offers a free service that includes downloads of your resume in both HTML and PDF formats, 4 free resume templates and even an import from LinkedIn. The only disadvantage to this free online resume creator, is that the more advantageous options are not free, such as 10 additional fonts and the unlimited color options.


If you are looking to create an infographic resume then this is the place to do it. You can create bright, bold resumes for free. However, some of the services are paid, but you can create a basic resume for free.


Enthuse is for those who are looking to promote themselves online, such as researchers, students, speakers, freelancers and inventors. Not only does this help you to build a resume to show off, but you are also including everything that you do in it. The majority of this free online resume creator is free, there are a couple of paid services available to further yourself.

HeadHunter’s Expert Opinion

Head Hunter’s opinion on the best of these five free online resume creators would have to be Enthuse.me, because of the options and opportunities that they give you. Indeed, you have to pay for some things, but isn’t it worth it?

Enthuse.me is definitely the best and will take the top spot, but even though there are many great constructors available, only a human touch will make the perfect resume. Get to know more about resume dos and donts and check the most popular resume templates right now.