What Resumes are most popular in 2015?

resume format 2015

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In truth, there are those resumes that get views, calls and interviews, while some resumes remain nothing but a number of figures on a piece of white paper. Knowing what trends to follow for your resume format 2015 gives you guaranteed success when it comes to landing that interview, and further land you that job that you’ve been looking for. You can also check most popular resume templates and resume writing guide to be more confident.

Scoping Out the Best Resume Formats

You can literally find resumes 2015 anywhere on the internet, but scoping out the best ones take some work. However, we have found them for you, and you can view them by clicking here. These examples are the best because they go into thorough detail of what you should have and what you should not, some of these examples include:

  • The proper wording, which should be simple yet professional at the same time.
  • What you need to include to catch the reader’s eye right away, which in this case is the recruiter, the interviewer or your potential employer in the future.
  • How you should place your sections so that everything is neat, relevant and what the reader will like to see in a potential employee.
  • Which fonts and font sizes you should be using, which are either Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial for the fonts and 10 or 12 for the font sizes.

How to Create a Popular Resume

To make a popular resume that includes the best resume format 2015 that will really fly with whoever reads it, you will need to assert yourself and go through the process of creating the best resume possible. This tips and tricks include:

  • Ensure that the top half of your resume will knock their socks off, because you will literally have 10 to 20 seconds to make an impression.
  • Create your resume like an advertisement, really sell yourself.
  • Keep your modesty in check throughout your resume, but make yourself sound like a spectacular solution instead of a bland option.
  • Research into the company, especially how they speak, and incorporate that information and knowledge into your resume.
  • Loosen up your thinking to effectively get on the same level as the employer or the recruiter, do not write your resume like a zombie.

By following the advice listed above, you will be able to create the best resume format 2015 that will speak volumes, get you that interview and gain you a job. If you learn the tips and the tricks of the resume trade, then you may even be able to create the most popular resume that has ever been crafted.