What Will Win 2015, CV or Resume?

cv 2015 vs resume 2015

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CV’s, curriculum vitae, and resumes are both great ways to really show yourself to an employer and what you have to offer before you can sit down with them and show them what you’re made of. They’re both the first steps that really help you to shine, but they have their differences. Both CV’s and resumes are widely used to help gain employment, but which will win suitor in 2015?

Curriculum Vitae vs Resumes

A curriculum vitae provides a summary of your academic and educational backgrounds, awards, honors, affiliates, presentations and publications. They are expected in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East when applying for a position, but are used to research, scientific or educational positions in the United States. The format of a CV is to be kept in sectioned uniform, which would include Italics for an organization name. The layout of a CV includes:

  • At least two pages in length
  • 10 or 12 font
  • A font of Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman
  • Section headings and your name can be bolded or larger in size than 10 or 12 for an organization name, for example

The format for a resume is somewhat like a CV, but a little different:

  • A page or two summarizing your previous work experience, individual skills and your education
  • Brief, informative and concise
  • Typed using Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial font
  • A font size of 10 to 12

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Templates for CV’s and Resumes

One of the most popular CV and resume template for 2015 is this example, which shows simplicity yet leaves enough room for expansion if you are doing a curriculum vitae 2015. It also has enough space to create a simple, yet informative resume. Selecting the proper template for a resume and CV 2015 is the best way to ensure that it’s a successful one. To learn more about what a resume is supposed to look like, you can check some resume sample 2015 to compare with.

Who Will Win for 2015?

In conclusion, who will win when it comes to CV 2015 vs resume 2015 is all based on the employer, but the winner will have to have the proper amount of quality information. With that said, it’s looking to be the resume that will be the winner for 2015. This is because the resume is used most often, is short yet sweet and gets straight to the point. This is also because the CV is only needed for a select number of positions instead of the resume, because the majority of positions available today do not require such high levels of information for the decision making process. You can also find out how to write a resume 2015 or how to apply for a job if you want.